Health Alert

Dear 2017 ASCA Nationals Exhibitor:
Thank you for attending the 2017 ASCA National Specialty.
We have had some sad news that we need to share with you. Two exhibitors have let us know that three of their puppies who attended Nationals have been diagnosed with confirmed cases of Parvovirus. All three puppies had been vaccinated. Their cases were confirmed on Friday, November 10. The incubation period for Parvo indicates that these puppies contracted the disease on the way to Nationals or while in Bryan. Happily, these cases were caught early and all three puppies are recovering well. Please take precautions with your dogs and watch for any signs of illness. Please share this information with anyone you may have been traveling with and with anyone whose dogs might have been exposed.
Thank you!
2017 ASCA Nationals Committee

Tasty, Tasty!

Click here to take a look at our Nightly Plate Dinner Menus.
There are tons of places around the Bryan/College Station area to grab some grub, but we will also have some scrumptious options available on site.

A nightly plate dinner will be offered on select nights at the North Concession for $12/plate between 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Dining tables will be available in the East Ballroom.
If the nightly plate is sold out, the concession menu will be available.  You will also be able to come by and reserve your plate at the North Concession Stand earlier in the afternoon each day.

Eye Clinic

We are proud to be hosting an Eye Clinic on Wednesday, November 1 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

The Health Clinic is located behind the concession stand at the north end of the north arena.  Click here to view the CAER OFA Form.

Get in contact with Bill Dakin at for more info.

Intact Best of Breed Judge Announcement:

With regret, due to unexpected employment change obligations, Kelsey Jones has had to withdraw as the 2017 ASCA National Specialty Intact Best of Breed Judge.  We are very pleased to announce that Jasa Hatcher has accepted the 2017 ASCA Nationals Best Of Breed assignment!  As many of you know, Jasa Hatcher was our 2018 ASCA Nationals BOB judge. We will be announcing the new 2018 Best of Breed judge shortly.

Happy 60th to ASCA!

For ASCA’s 60th Birthday we are getting together your fondest memories over the years and compiling them in a 60 Years of ASCA History Slideshow!  Email us your pictures and/or short videos and include a brief caption (this information could include who is in the photo, what is the event pictured, where and when the event took place, or just a fun story that accompanies the photograph).
Please send in your pictures and/or short videos to You will receive a confirmation email when your media has been accepted.  The deadline to submit is October 7.  Help us celebrate 60 Years of ASCA and share your memories today!

Judge Change for 2017 Conformation Finals

We have a judge change for the 2017 Conformation Finals. Gail Karamalegos has had to withdraw from Conformation Finals due to her health concerns about being physically able to complete the assignment. We are pleased to announce Debra Gower has agreed to accept the assignment.  Speedy recovery, Gail!

Sponsorships Now On Sale!

This is the FINAL sale we are having, so please take a look at the available list and sponsor some classes! First come, first serve. When you decide what you want to sponsor, email Lacey Kafer at

You can view all available classes at:

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored classes up to this point, without you, nationals could not function!

Honoring ASCA Volunteers

For ASCA’s 60th Anniversary, if you give of your time to contribute to ASCA, we want to honor you in our Volunteer Picture Slideshow!  We have reached 60 years because of volunteers who have served on committees, served on their affiliates, set stock, laid tracks, set bars, put out articles, supported rescue or many of the health organizations like ASHGI and Toby’s Foundation.  Nothing happens without everyone pitching in, so committee members, course reviewers for agility, stock and rally, affiliate officers, rescue foster homes and those who make the shows and trials happen, we want to showcase you.
The list is long… everyone who has given at every level is included in this year’s Volunteer Slideshow! Please email us your photos (you solo or with your dogs, formal or funny, staged or candid).  Include your name and how you volunteer ON your photo. This can be done with with a myriad of free photo editing apps available on your phone or on the computer using Photoshop, Paint or even Word.  Photos should be submitted in PDF or JPG format.  You will receive a reply back confirming that your photo has been accepted within a couple weeks of being submitted.
This is our way of saying THANKS to all our volunteers!  The deadline to submit volunteer photos is September 30.  Please email your photos to

Stockdog Course Update

We will be using Course H instead of Course C for Finals, Day 2 Final Round sheep and for Nationals sheep runs. Please see the revisions below.

Stockdog Finals
Please read Chapter 24 of the Stockdog Rule Book. The random draw for run order of the elimination go-round will be done by the Business Office after entries close. If there is a day-of scratch and an alternate is used to replace the scratch, the alternate will have the same draw for run order as the dog being replaced. Final go-round run order will be random draw assigned to the placing rank of the elimination go-round total scores. Five to 10 head of livestock will be used for each run. Sheep will be wool or hair; cattle will be beef crosses; ducks will be mixed.
Day 1 – First Elimination Round: Handlers meeting at 7:30 A.M., Course A for all stock. Second Elimination Round: To begin after a short lunch break or at the discretion of the Nationals Trial Committee, Course B for all stock.
Day 2 – Final Round: Handlers meeting at 7:30am, Course H for sheep, Course D for cattle, Course H for ducks. A reception will be held at the completion of the Finals competition. The Stockdog Finals awards will be presented at the conclusion of competition, after scores have been tallied, in the North Arena on Thursday, November 2.

Stockdog Nationals
Courses: 180 runs on Course D, using 5 head of cattle; 180 runs on Course B, using 5 head of ducks; 180 runs on Course H using 5 head of sheep; divided over three days.

Judge Change for 2017 Obedience Finals

We have a judge change for the 2017 Obedience Finals. Brenda Allison is unfortunately unable to judge due to a serious illness in her family. Terry Papineau has agreed to accept the assignment. We are thinking of Brenda and her family during this time and wishing them a full recovery!

6 Months To Go!

More Pre-Show/ Pre-Trials Premiums have just been added.

Check out the Pre-Show/ Pre-Trials page and click on the event to view the premium. Premiums will be posted as we receive them.  If an event is not linked, check back again for more to be posted soon.

See y’all in 6 months!