Honoring ASCA Volunteers

For ASCA’s 60th Anniversary, if you give of your time to contribute to ASCA, we want to honor you in our Volunteer Picture Slideshow!  We have reached 60 years because of volunteers who have served on committees, served on their affiliates, set stock, laid tracks, set bars, put out articles, supported rescue or many of the health organizations like ASHGI and Toby’s Foundation.  Nothing happens without everyone pitching in, so committee members, course reviewers for agility, stock and rally, affiliate officers, rescue foster homes and those who make the shows and trials happen, we want to showcase you.
The list is long… everyone who has given at every level is included in this year’s Volunteer Slideshow! Please email us your photos (you solo or with your dogs, formal or funny, staged or candid).  Include your name and how you volunteer ON your photo. This can be done with with a myriad of free photo editing apps available on your phone or on the computer using Photoshop, Paint or even Word.  Photos should be submitted in PDF or JPG format.  You will receive a reply back confirming that your photo has been accepted within a couple weeks of being submitted.
This is our way of saying THANKS to all our volunteers!  The deadline to submit volunteer photos is September 30.  Please email your photos to  ASCAVolunteerPics@gmail.com.

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