Stockdog Course Update

We will be using Course H instead of Course C for Finals, Day 2 Final Round sheep and for Nationals sheep runs. Please see the revisions below.

Stockdog Finals
Please read Chapter 24 of the Stockdog Rule Book. The random draw for run order of the elimination go-round will be done by the Business Office after entries close. If there is a day-of scratch and an alternate is used to replace the scratch, the alternate will have the same draw for run order as the dog being replaced. Final go-round run order will be random draw assigned to the placing rank of the elimination go-round total scores. Five to 10 head of livestock will be used for each run. Sheep will be wool or hair; cattle will be beef crosses; ducks will be mixed.
Day 1 – First Elimination Round: Handlers meeting at 7:30 A.M., Course A for all stock. Second Elimination Round: To begin after a short lunch break or at the discretion of the Nationals Trial Committee, Course B for all stock.
Day 2 – Final Round: Handlers meeting at 7:30am, Course H for sheep, Course D for cattle, Course H for ducks. A reception will be held at the completion of the Finals competition. The Stockdog Finals awards will be presented at the conclusion of competition, after scores have been tallied, in the North Arena on Thursday, November 2.

Stockdog Nationals
Courses: 180 runs on Course D, using 5 head of cattle; 180 runs on Course B, using 5 head of ducks; 180 runs on Course H using 5 head of sheep; divided over three days.

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