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2017 ASCA National Specialty Catalog Schedule

Agility Schedule

Conformation Schedule

Obedience Schedule

Rally Trial Schedule

Stockdog Run Order

Heart of Texas ASC Obedience & Rally Trial Schedule

Heart of Texas ASC Pre-Show Schedule

Hill Country ASC Pre-Show Schedule

Lowlands ASC Pre-Show Schedule

New Hope ASC Pre-Trial Schedule



Friday, October 27
Move-in, beginning at noon
ASCA National Tracking Trial
Nightly Buffet begins

Saturday, October 28
New Hope ASC Agility Pre-Trial
Lowlands ASC Conformation Pre-Show
Southern Colorado ASC Rally Pre-Trial
ASC of Southern Florida Obedience Pre-Trial
Central Texas Working ASC Stockdog Pre-Trial
ASCA BOD Meeting
Welcome Reception Dinner

Sunday, October 29
ASCA National Stockdog Trial – Day 1
ASCA Rally Finals*
Rally Judges’ Seminar, following Finals Reception
ASC of Texas Agility Pre-Trial
Heart of Texas ASC Conformation Pre-Show
ASCA BOD Meeting
ASHGI Health Clinic

Monday, October 30
ASCA National Stockdog Trial – Day 2
ASCA Agility Finals*
Hill Country ASC Conformation Pre-Show
Heart of Texas ASC Obedience/Rally Pre-Trials
MVA and MVJ Evaluation
ASHGI Health Clinic

Tuesday, October 31
Parade of Rescues, Veterans & Titleholders & Breakfast
ASCA National Stockdog Trial – Day 3
ASCA Conformation Finals – Altered*
ASCA Junior Handling Finals & 500 Club Parade*
ASCA Conformation Finals – Intact*
ASCA Obedience Finals*
Colorado Australian Shepherd Association Agility Pre-Trial
MVA and MVJ Evaluation
Stockdog Judges Seminar
Stockdog Finals Participants’ and Judges’ Reception
ASHGI Health Studies & ASCA DNA Blood Draw
Affiliate Meeting

Wednesday, November 1
ASCA Stockdog Finals – Day 1
ASCA National Agility Trial – Day 1
National Conformation – Altered
National Junior Handling
National Conformation – All Non-Regular
National Rally Trial – Day 1
Agility Judges Seminar
ASHGI Health Clinic
Overflow Dogs and Bitches (if necessary)
Obedience Judges’ Seminar
Blue Bell Ice Cream Social followed by
General Membership Meeting

Thursday, November 2
ASCA Stockdog Finals – Day 2*
National Agility Trial – Day 2
National Conformation – Intact – 6-9 through American Bred
National Rally Trial – Day 2 (if necessary)
National Obedience Trial – Day 1
ASHGI Health Clinic
Conformation Judges’ Seminar – evening
Calcutta and Reception for the Texas Shoot-Out

Friday, November 3
Texas Shoot-Out Stockdog Competition
National Agility Trial – Day 3
National Conformation – Intact – Bred By & Open Classes
National Conformation – Intact – Winners
National Obedience Trial – Day 2 (if necessary)
ASHGI Basket Raffle Drawing – Exhibition Hall at noon
ASCA BOD Meeting
Banquet: Presentation of MVA, MVJ & Shoot-Out Awards
Overflow BOB

Saturday, November 4
National Conformation – Intact Best of Breed
*Finals awards ceremony following each Finals



A dinner buffet will be available for a great price at 6:00 P.M. every evening in the Ballroom, except Saturday, October 28 (Welcome Reception Dinner) and Friday, November 3 (Banquet night).


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