Texas Shoot-Out

A Grand Finale Stockdog Event Following the ASCA Nationals & Finals Competition

Ten Aussies and their handlers will have a chance to compete on sheep and cattle in a time and points competition for a cash purse.


2017 Texas Shoot Out Information:



1.  The top five (5) dogs from Finals with the highest combined score in sheep and cattle from all rounds.

2.  Top five (5) dogs from Nationals Advanced Sheep and Advanced Cattle High Combined score. Lowest time will serve as a tie-breaker, if needed. No duck scores will be included.

3.  Ten (10) different dogs will qualify for the Texas Shoot Out. In case there is an overlap of the qualifiers, additional dogs will be taken from the Finals scores.  Alternates will be announced in case a qualifying dog cannot compete or does not wish to compete.


Rules for the Texas Shoot Out

1.  The course will be a form of Course D with take pen.

2.  A penalty of two minutes per head of stock will be assessed to each head of stock that does not complete each obstacle. Stock can count 1 head through 5 times or five head through one time. Either way, five head of stock must daylight each obstacle for no penalty. For Course D, a total of 35 points may be earned.

3.  Two stockdog judges will watch and agree on the stock through each obstacle. ASCA rules for overgripping and overworking stock will apply. The dog will be given one warning and then will be disqualified for overgripping or stock abuse.

4.  A ten minute time limit per run will apply, with NO THREE MINUTE WARNING.

5.  Stock will be gate cut from stock used in Finals.

6.  Time will start when the take pen gate opens and will stop when it is closed.

7.  Time will be kept to the hundredth of a second, using the arena timer.

8.  Ties will be settled by rerunning a part of the cattle course.

9.  The winner will be the dog with the highest number of points with the lowest time, combined for cattle and sheep.


Prize Money

A minimum purse of $3000 will be offered. (Other donations are welcome.) Prize money will be divided as follows:

First Place (Lowest Combined Time) 60%

Second Place 25%

Third Place 15%



The judges for this event will be Larry Teaff and Preston Kissman.


To allow everyone to have an opportunity to have a part in the Texas Shoot Out, there will be a Calcutta held Thursday night. Everyone will be allowed to bid money at an auction to purchase the bragging rights to the dog of his/her choice in the Texas Shoot Out. If you buy the winning dog, you will get 90% of the total paid in the Calcutta money for all dogs. The remaining 10% will help cover expenses for the Texas Shoot Out only. Any excess of that 10% will go toward prize money.